CO2-neutral production

Extraction of natural resources and their use in the production of raw materials is one of the sectors with the biggest footprint. Ragn-Sells has been giving a lot of attention to the ecological footprint of the production process since the terms of reference were established for the research and development of a technology for the valorisation of oil shale ashes. The minimal goal of applied research is to develop a CO2 neutral production process. The innovative technology for the valorisation of ashes and tailings developed by Ragn-Sells indicates that our production process only requires a fraction of the energy required for reprocessing natural raw materials. Also, the valorisation and release for the circulation of the tailings that previously went unused makes it possible to reduce the extraction of natural raw materials and the quantity of CO2 generated by reprocessing as well as using other natural resources.

The water used in production is constantly kept in circulation

The technology uses water during the soaking process. All of the water used circulates in a closed system and it is reused again and again. At present, Ragn-Sells does not use clean groundwater in production either, but the water used to transport ashes from the incinerators is used instead.

Noise and air emissions

The production process of Ragn-Sells takes place in a closed system; thus, there are no air emissions. The air emitted from the plant is additionally cleaned. No noisy activities are planned and the level of noise outside the production area will not exceed the permitted level.