Scientific Research

Ragn-Sells AS established a subsidiary in Estonia, RS-OSA Service OÜ, for the oil shale ash valorisation research project launched six years ago. Today, a scientific consortium has been established under the management of the company, in which researchers from the University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology also participate in conducting basic and applied research.

Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) is the flagship of technical and IT science and education in Estonia, where higher education is available at all levels in engineering and technical sciences, information technology, economics, natural sciences and maritime affairs. TalTech's mission is to be a promoter of science, technology and innovation and a leading provider of engineering and economic education in Estonia.

The University of Tartu is the only classic universitas-typeof university in Estonia where research is conducted in the fields of humanities and arts, social sciences, medical sciences, and natural and exact sciences. 


The Applied Research Programme was instituted by Enterprise Estonia to help companies grow demand for research and development, with the aim of boosting entrepreneurs’ income from new and significantly amended technology, processes, products and services. The programme provides both consultation services and financial support for applied research.

Enterprise Estonia provided 255,269 euros to support applied research on OSA project in 2021
We are pleased to announce that Enterprise Estonia has supported applied research in Ragn-Sells’s OSA project in the amount of 255,269 Euros. The support helps us to carry out industrial-scale trials of production of climate-neural calcium carbonate from oil shale ash and design the preliminary version of the production processes and production unit.

1. Name of fund: European Regional Development Fund
2. Sum of the funding: 255 269 €
3. Description of project: through applied research, RS-OSA Service OÜ is developing the technology for valorising oil shale ash. In the course of the project, the technology will be piloted on a semi-industrial scale and the initial design and structure of the production unit will be developed for implementation on an industrial scale
4. Objective: the goal of this applied research is validation of technology on a semi-industrial scale and production of at least 250 kg of PCC to test its properties in cooperation with end users and develop the initial design of production processes and the production unit for operation on an industrial scale. In addition, initial trials for processing the PCC produced will be carried out to evaluate its suitability for future product development.

Archimedes supported the OSA project with 204,000 € under the Smart Specialization Applied Research program
The Archimedes Foundation supports the scientific research of the technology required for the treatment of oil shale ashes that environmental company AS Ragn-Sells is currently working on with more than 204,000 euros. The support granted within the scope of the programme Applied Research in Smart Specialisation will be used for the research overseen by Ragn-Sells and carried out by the scientists of TalTech and the University of Tartu, which is aimed at finding the best technological solutions to the valorisation of oil shale ashes.

Product development

As part of the 2021 partnership, Europe's largest plastic window manufacturer will test for climate-neutral calcium carbonate.
Gealan is Europe's largest manufacturer of plastic window frames, which uses calcium carbonate to make window frames. Climate-neutral calcium carbonate produced in Estonia would potentially help Gealan reduce the CO2 footprint of their production, and Gealalan's high-quality, long-life window frames would help store the carbonate-related CO2 used in its production for decades to come.

Eesti Energia is a key partner in the OSA project,
which has ensured the oil shale ash necessary for testing and research and has granted permission for experimental drilling and further exploration of the ash hills.