PRESS RELEASE: Ragn-Sells applied for starting the detail planning of oil shale ash valorising plant in Narva

According to Ragn-Sells, the company applied to Narva Municipality to start with the detail planning of oil shale ash valorising plant to be built to the territory of Baltic Electricity Plant territory in 2028. The decision about the territory was fallen as the result of its nearness to the oil shale ash hills, existing industrial infrastructure and minimal impact to the local living environment.

Ragn-Sells`s Project Manager Mr. Alar Saluste said, that the company has been in constant contact with the local authorities and representatives of community, to discuss the next steps and overall plans. „We have received positive and supportive feedback on both local and international level about our new generation sustainable technology and innovative idea to valorise both industrial waste and CO2. In addition, it brings Narva the positive attention as a region of circular economy. Naturally, also the new jobs, investments and know-how is much waited, which will reach Narva with this development project for sure, “added Saluste.

The company was choosing in-between eight different locations in Ida-Virumaa and Lääne-Virumaa municipalities. „All of them have their positive sides, but Narva has the large benefit of being located very close to the ash hills. That means we can minimize the environmental impact of transportation of ash. In addition, that location also has the necessary electricity, water and heating connections as well as logistical infrastructure, “said Saluste. He added, that for the local natural and living environment it is very important, that the plant would be built to an already existing industrial territory.

“The vision of Estonian Energy is to create energy production, where the side products – such as oil shale ash, but also calcium carbonate – will be made use of in a maximum way. So, we can create the perfect circular solution: all our products are an input for a next product and the final product created for the end user can be turned into new raw materials once they turn to waste. We are in constant search for new possibilities to valorise the ash and we are glad, that the collaboration project with Ragn-Sells has hit a new big milestone, “ said the Management Board Member of Estonian Energy, Mr. Margus Vals.

Ragn-Sells plans to start with producing calcium carbonate in full scale plant in 2028, but before that all necessary plannings and alignments must be carried out. The planned plant will be able to valorise up to one million ton of oil shale ash and 250 000 tons of CO2 in a year, resulting in ca 500 000 tons of ultra-pure calcium carbonate. The plant planned to be built in Ida-Virumaa will bring the region ca 250 million euros investments and create up to 100 direct jobs and 400 indirect jobs.

Before the main plant, Ragn-Sells aims to build a smaller demo plant in another location, where the technological process is fully tested.  

The technology developed in collaboration of Ragn-Sells, University of Tartu, Tallinn Technical University Taltech and several international laboratories enables to produce ultra-pure climate positive calcium carbonate from oil shale ash of electricity production combined with CO2. The production does not create any new air emissions, as there is no incineration process involved, also the water is in closed-loop system and all side products will be directed to active use as well. The noise and smell pollution are avoided through closed production process and facilities as well as modern technology.

Ragn-Sells established the subsidiary R-S OSA Projekt OÜ for the project and invested already almost 2 million Euros. The partners of the project are Eesti Energia AS, Estonian Enterprise, Archimedes Foundation as well as international companies Tarkett and Gealan. More information on the project is available on the website